Saturday, June 11, 2011

Arts in the AV

Happy to announce our second issue of "Saturation" - the hot new Arts publication for the Antelope Valley. Did I mention I'm one of the editors? Yup, I'm officially the Fine Arts Editor. So please, send me anything you'd like to submit! We're looking for more...images of your paintings, photographs, sculpture, reviews, etc. as well as poetry, short stories, music reviews or articles, pretty much anything creative.

We're trying to publish quarterly, but if there's tremendous contributions and subscriptions, we'll gladly switch to a more frequent output.

Also of note, awesome artist & teacher Frank Dixon is putting on a couple workshops in Quartz Hill. I'm signed up for his Portraits class on the 2nd of July (I think it's already full). He also has a kid's workshop the last week of June. Really worth it!

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