Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dollar Store Kid's Project

I'm not usually very crafty, but my kids...well, they love craft time! So, if you're looking for a little summer craft inspiration here is the post for you. 

The prep is minimal, the supplies you already have our can get at the dollar store, and the project can last for 15 minutes or a couple of hours. We left things out on the table and kept going back throughout the day and adding details.

For your reference, my kids are ages 3 and 5...but the cousins ages 11 and 13 came by and enjoyed making a bird of their own too!

Finished bird by the 5 year old:

Finished bird by the 3 year old:

Supplies: colored construction paper, scissors, pencil, feathers, school glue. Fun extras: hole punch, watercolor set, white out, glitter glue.

First I sketched out a couple different bird shapes and wing shapes. Then I stacked up four or six or five sheets of colored construction paper and cut them all at once. Then again with a new bird shape and different colors. Then I set out the cut papers, full sheets, glue, feathers, etc. I showed the kids one option for putting the bird shapes together then started decorating.

That's it for the prep! I just let my kids explore the supplies from there. The hole punch added fun texture - and some motor skill / grip exercise.

Other elements that would be fun to use: sequins, tissue paper, lace, ribbon, stamps, patterned papers...
Feel free to copy by bird shape if you want!