Monday, February 22, 2010

Tree Branches

So, I've been really into tree branches lately. Obsessed? Mayyyybe.

It's nearly Spring. The trees are still barren but they are just starting to bud and send out their watershoots. Watershoots are those long, perfectly straight, new growth sprouting from the top branches in the rainy season. It's also the perfect time to do all our tree trimming - especially the apple tree!

So we have been climbing our trees a lot lately - with all manner of sharp objects including a chainsaw. Which means that we have a huge pile of tree limbs in various sizes in our backyard and on our driveway.

And I have been having so much fun with these! I have been getting so many ideas and inspiration from these tree branches. And I've been finding great pictures online of what other people have done with branches.

I'm surrounded by a heavy, philosophical discussion right now so I'm having a hard time writing this blog. I'm just really excited about what I've been working on and I have been thinking about updating for quite some time. Next I'll post pictures of something I've made from my branches...

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